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Compensation: Integrating Competencies Into HR Programs

Integrating Competencies into Human Resource Programs


Demands on your work unit grow all the time.  Technologies change.  Budgets change.  Service delivery changes. Laws and rules change.  People change.  Your organization feels pressure to stay responsive, efficient and effective in the fast-changing times.  It takes sound planning innovation, risk-taking, and plain, hard work to keep up with growing demands, let alone to get ahead of them.  The future promises more of the same. 

If the above seems familiar, you are definitely a manager in state government.  Some state managers asked for greater authority in certain personnel decisions and less bureaucracy related to job classification and pay.  They asked for ways to pay for individual employee skills and performance, and for human resource systems based on desired skills and performance standards.  They wanted the means to customize human resource tools to fit organizational goals.  If you share this view, you will find this guide useful. 

It provides a method to integrate competencies into your current human resource programs such as recruitment, selection, performance management, compensation and training.  By focusing on competencies this guide links employee growth and business strategy to organizational success, and ultimately improve service to the public. 

This guide will change and grow as we complete new sections and gain experience.  You will receive these new sections and updates as they are completed.

The State Personnel Division appreciates the ongoing efforts of managers and human resource personnel throughout state government who helped develop these tools to share with all who strive toward better human resource systems and decisions.

You should direct questions related to the content or development to the State Personnel Division.

Department of Administration


Chapter 1

Managers' Resources Guide and Labor Relations 

Chapter 2

Readiness and Orientation

Chapter 3

Creating Competency Models 

Chapter 4

Statewide Competency Model

Chapter 5

Performance Management

Chapter 6


Chapter 9

Compensation Planning


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