HR Guide to the Internet:
Job Analysis: Law/Legal Issues: Legal Standards

The results of a job analysis may include:
  • Major job functions or duties
  • Common personal interactions
  • Work tasks
  • Skills or competencies
  • Critical situations faced by incumbents
  • Work related knowledge
  • Performance standards and rating scales
  • Physical abilities
  • Career paths
  • Work environment factors
  • Work experience requirements
  • Decision making authority
  • Education requirements
  • Typical-day descriptions
  • Training requirements
  • Certification requirements
  • Related job families
  • Competency models
  • determining hiring criteria
  • defining new positions
  • communicating job responsibilities
  • identifying training content needs
  • restructuring jobs and businesses
  • determining appropriate measures for performance appraisals
The job-relatedness of the test content should be based on a careful job analysis with professional "translation of the job analysis results into test items" (Guardians, 1980).  

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