360 Degree Feedback

What is 360-Degree Feedback?

360 Degree feedback systems incorporate multiple perspectives (perceptions and insights) by using feedback from a variety of sources. These sources include peers, subordinates, customers, self, supervisor, and others.

This feedback us usually anonymous and comes from the employees and others who work with this person. Usually a group of about 8 to 16 individuals are selected to provide feedback by completing a survey questionnaire. These surveys are easily administered via the Internet.

This feedback provides an opportunity for individuals to see how their work and job performance is viewed by others. This feedback can be used for employee (professional) development. This process is often used for developmental purposes. Although, it is possible to combine 360-Degree Feedback with Performance Management Systems.

Tip: Using a 3rd Party Vendor helps ensure confidentiality of the process.

Software Vendors and Links

HR-Survey.com (http://www.hr-survey.com)
360 Degree Feedback surveys on-line. Dozens of demos to review. Customized solutions to meet your needs. An excellent on-line resource.

DataStar, the Survey Specialists (http://www.surveystar.com/i_request_ehrs.htm)
DataStar is a leading provider of survey management and data processing services, specializing in employee feedback surveys and 360 assessments.

Common Uses of 360-Degree Feedback:
  • Employee Development
  • Performance Appraisal
  • Performance Management
  • Training Needs Assessment
  • Evaluation of Teams
  • Leadership Development
  • Self-Assessment
  • Performance Metrics
Allegiance Enterprise Feedback Management (http://www.allegiance.com)
Allegiance is the premier provider of enterprise feedback management solutions, proven to help organizations obtain honest, real-time feedback from customers, employees and partners.

Appraisal 360 (http://www.appraisal360.co.uk)
Whether you want to give focus to personal and professional development for your people, or offer a more balanced approach to appraisals, 360-degree feedback is your answer. Our powerful and popular online tool is one of the best around and helps make 360 feedback an enjoyable and revealing experience.

Arc Software Consultancy - bespoke online 360 feedback (http://www.arcsoftwareconsultancy.com)
Bespoke online 360 feedback system with full online management reporting (with Excel exports). Automated benchmarking to compare scores and the ability to create and publish your own surveys without an IT developer.

Provide training/orientation: Feedback processes involve use of one or more questionnaires, confidential information, and acceptance by different areas of an organization. Training and orientation is needed to facilitate a smooth feedback process. During this training/orientation, employees should be informed of what 360 Degree Feedback is and why it is being implemented at your organization. You may want to provide samples of the questionnaire items and/or feedback results.
Ascendus Technologies (http://www.ascendus.com)
We have an innovative 360-Degree Feedback and Survey Platform. This tool has been used by several organizations including Sony Ericsson, London Health Sciences Center, PPD, the Environmental Protection Agency and Radio Networks. The tool allows companies to set up and administer their own multi-rater surveys and teamwork assessments. Our tool is a true enterprise-class software platform designed for flexibility, reliability and scalability.

Assessment Plus (http://www.assessmentplus.com)
Helps organizations, teams, and individuals become more effective. As measurement experts, we use customized, state-of-the-art assessment tools and processes to identify the factors that may be limiting potential.

Good feedback will include the following:
  1. Information on when and where the incident/action/situation occurred
  2. Information on how their actions impact others
  3. How their behaviors are (or not) consistent with department/organization goals & objectives
  4. Suggestions for improvement, if applicable
The Booth Company (http://www.boothco.com)
On-line source for 360 degree feedback: 15 validated surveys by Clark Wilson, Ph.D. Complete web programs, including project administration. 15 different performance-predicting and role-specific assessments: executive, leadership, management and team.

Bowland Solutions (http://www.bowlandsolutions.com)
We deliver highly tailored and cost-effective online performance appraisal and 360 degree feedback solutions. These will reduce the administrative burden, reduce paperwork and the costs associated with the appraisal process. See our website for free case studies, articles, blogs and request an online demonstration today.

Business Decisions, Inc (http://www.businessdecisions.com/)
Developer of the focus integrated software system developed to measure and improve an organization's "people" through training, career development, performance and succession planning. focus turns Human Resources into a measurable and quantifiable asset.

Capterra's 360 Degree Feedback Software Directory (http://www.capterra.com/360-degree-feedback-software)
Capterra's 360 Degree Feedback software directory is a free, comprehensive resource that lists solutions for performance appraisal, employee surveys and multi-rater feedback.

Carbon360 - Online Review Software (http://www.carbon360.co.uk/)
Carbon360 - Appraisal & Performance Management Software
Advanced performance management software for implementing 360 degree feedback, setting goals and staff reviews - Carbon360 fits your Performance Management needs - all round.

Avoid using the word "You": anywhere near the beginning of your feedback. Employees may become defensive if they feel they are being acused of something.
CareerLab (http://www.careerlab.com/360.htm)
We're a career strategy and leadership development firm based in Denver, Colorado USA. Since 1978, more than 300 brand-name corporations in 75 industries have hired us to provide Career Strategy, Testing & Assessment, Executive Coaching, Leadership Development, and Outplacement. In addition, every day of every year, we drive remarkable career advancement for upper-level managers and executives, consultants, entrepreneurs, and top professionals.

CCi Surveys International (http://www.building360feedback.com)
CCI specializes in performance improvement and self-development through 360 degree feedback. The CCI Profiling System is a structured, research based assessment and skill building process. It is designed to ensure the effective integration of feedback results, action planning and training with accountability.

CDR Assessment Group, Inc. (http://www.cdrassessmentgroup.com)
The 360 Leader Scan is a robust multi-rater feedback tool that does not soft pedal input. This tools combines numerical and narrative feedback to maximize performance development success.

Cognology 360 degree feedback (http://www.cognology.com.au/360_degree_feedback.htm)
The easy way to run 360 degree feedback projects on the web or your intranet. With user friendly reports for individuals and groups. And you can customize it to suit your needs.

Try not to compare employees: Do not compare co-workers. Only compare the issue against your expectations, against standards set for earning rewards, against a person's stated goals, or against mutually set objectives.
Competency Management Incorporated (http://www.competencymanagement.com)
Competency Management Incorporated (CMI) is a global human resources firm whose services include employee and customer surveys linked to financials,executive assessment,360 appraisals, selection and testing programs, job analysis, validation, structured behavioral interviews, team development, OD, customer service programs, and EEO litigation support. Topic newsletters.

Cornerstone Performance (http://www.cornerstoneondemand.com/csb/product-info/performance-summary)
Graphics based performance reviews that are useful to everyone. Using our visual analytics, gain a deeper understanding of your organization. Cornerstone Performance Growth Edition was made specifically for rapid growth organizations that know people are essential to the success of the business.

Consulting Tools (http://www.360degreefeedbacktools.com)
We have a complete range of 360° feedback solutions - from off-the-shelf to fully customisable... or something in-between! With our technically excellent systems, and our flexible approach, we can ensure that we meet your needs

Corporate Renaissance Group (http://www.employee-performance.com/360.html)
emPerform, an online competency based performance management solution, that offers complete flexibility to configure performance appraisals consistent with an organization's policies & processes. It allows unlimited 360 reviews to obtain feedback and to conduct employee satisfaction & peer review surveys.

CR Systems (http://crsystems.co.uk/)
360 Degree Feedback, Psychometric Testing and Employee Engagement. We provide the tools, tests, resource and expertise to measure the people side of your business.

CustomInsight (http://www.custominsight.com)
CustomInsight specializes in 360 degree feedback, employee surveys, and other HR assessment and talent management applications. Focal 360 is a comprehensive 360 degree feedback solution designed for individual participants or groups of any size. Focal EE is a complete, customizable solution to assess the level of employee engagement, satisfaction, and organizational effectiveness.

DecisionWise 360 Degree Feedback (http://www.decision-wise.com)
DecisionWise specializes in using 360 degree feedback and employee surveys for leadership and organization development. With DecisionWise, you work with experts and receive a customized solution.

EasyGoingSurvey.com (http://www.easygoingsurvey.com/Surveys/Human_Resources_HR.aspx)
Online survey tool. Create simple to complex surveys in a matter of minutes with real-time results. Free account and advanced subscriptions available.

EchoSpan (http://www.echospan.com)
EchoSpan provides Online 360 Degree Feedback, Performance Reviews and Total Goal Management customized, hosted and managed for a single affordable fee. We offer a 14-day trial and also an interactive demo.

Employee Evaluation - Performance Appraisal/Assessment/Review Software (http://www.Promantek.com/)
Promantek's employee evaluation software (TrakStar) was developed for the HR professional seeking assistance with employee performance appraisals, performance assessments, and performance reviews. Sign up today for free demo of our employee performance management software.

Envisia Learning (http://www.envisialearning.com)
Envisia Learning offers a full range of 360 degree feedback assessments with one major advantage: an integrated online action planning and support tool that allows leaders to take what they learn from a behavioral assessment, reflect on it and build an action plan by selecting from our extensive competency-based resource library.

e360 (http://www.e360feedback.com/)
e360 from CEO Infotech lets you run your assessments as and when you need it. You can define your requisite set competencies...or use our custom dictionary which we will gladly share with you and assist you to customize it from your organizations perspective. Create the groups, define relationships & assessors. Create assessment questions, give them your custom rating, to launch. An individual mail is sent to all participants with the URL, login and password and our programmed logic starts working in the background.

ETS (http://www.etsplc.com)
ETS is a leading HR Consultancy that has been providing bespoke consultancy and world class technology solutions to blue-chip UK and international businesses for over 20 years. ETS solutions are used by over one million employees of leading UK and international companies such as Shell, Royal Bank of Scotland, Lloyds Banking Group, Virgin Atlantic Airways, Centrica, Ikea, HMV, PepsiCo, Sainsbury's, REXAM, Allianz, Thomas Cook and Bupa. ETS is recognised for its focus on high-quality, personalised services. Our team of expert Business Psychologists combine best practice and the latest thinking in delivering 'ideal world' solutions to our clients. We specialise in Employee Engagement, 360-Degree Feedback, Leadership Development and wider Performance and Talent Management.

ExecuSurv.com (http://www.execusurv.com/)
On-line realtime data gathering and analysis.

eXplorance Inc. (http://www.eXplorance.com)
Blue is a web based enterprise-class software for surveys, appraisals, 360 degree feedback, tests, and more ...

factors 360 feedback (http://www.factors360.com)
factors360 is a web based subscription service for completing 360 feedback reports with unlimited raters and unlimited reviews a month.

Feedback Online (http://www.feedbackonline.com)
FeedbackOnline provide 360 Degree Feedback Software & Questionnaires Online & services in areas related to personal, team and organizational effectiveness.

Full Circle Feedback (http://www.fullcirclefeedback.com)
An on line 360-degree feedback system - a robust, flexible 360 degree survey process resulting in comprehensive reports, coaching, action plans and ongoing learning. Our focus is upon skills development and ongoing change.

Globus360 - Bespoke 360 Degree Feedback (http://www.globushr-group.co.uk/360-Degree-Feedback.html)
Globus360 is a fully flexible multi-lingual 360 degree feedback service that allows you to use either your own competency framework or one of our ready-to-run questionnaires for a wide variety of prefessions. All aspects of the system such as questionnaire structure, respondent blend, emails, and reports are all fully customisable.

Grapevine Evaluations (http://www.grapevineevaluations.com)
Grapevine provides an online 360 degree feedback software tool that makes it easy to perform a 360 degree evaluation, employee performance evaluation, employee assessment and employee performance review all using our customized online employee evaluation software survey system.

HR Align 360 Degree Feedback (http://www.netersontech.com)
Tailor make 360-Degree feedback questionnaire to stimulate the development of your workforce. Gives individuals the opportunity to understand competence gaps and persue their development needs. Supports organization's growth goals.

Human Synergistics (http://www.humansynergistics.com/Products/LeadershipDevelopment/LeadershipWorkStyles)
Effectiveness and profound change. That's what our assessments, trainings, and consulting services enable leaders, organizations, and teams to achieve. Based on more than 40 years of application in leadership and organizational effectiveness, our tools and services provide an integrated approach to improving business performance. Validated and field-tested, our products and services have helped thousands of noteworthy organizations and individuals achieve measurable results. Human Synergistics/Acumen Inc. is now officially a part of the Human Synergistics International family of diagnostic tools for organizational effectiveness.

Insala Leadership Effectiveness 360 Surveys (http://www.insala.com/360-review.asp)
With our Leadership Effectiveness 360 Surveys, your organization will have the capability to strategically develop your next generation of leaders utilizing an easy to use, multi-source feedback program. Our 360 surveys, are web-based, secure, easy to customize, quick and easy implement.

JustLogin - 360 Degree Feedback - Online Employee Appraisal in Multi-rater Assessment (http://www.justlogin.com/360-degree-feedback-survey/)
A web-based, multi-source survey and assessment system. 360 degree feedback survey is a process by which an organization gathers feedback on employee performance by having their peers, supervisors and subordinates complete a survey on one another

Key Evaluations (http://www.ninedecisions.com)
Offers strategically structured performance evaluations. Our employee appraisals provide managers with insights to improve team performance.

Key Survey Software Services (http://www.keysurvey.com/)
Key Survey provides online survey software solutions and professional research services to business. We provide our customer with immediate online survey capability at a reasonable cost and offer them the option to outsource their projects

LeaderNation (http://www.leadernation.com)
LeaderNation is a cost-effective, web-based leadership development solution. Our suite of tools enables consultants, coaches, and HR professionals to quickly create customized leadership competency models and 360 feedback surveys. LeaderNation's user-friendly, intuitive design offers a cost-effective solution for employee development, ultimately assisting organizations retain top talent and focus their workforce.

Learning as Leadership (http://learnaslead.com/assessments/department-wide-feedback/)
Learning as Leadership (LaL) has developed a unique, customized 360┬║ feedback process to assess individuals and organizations. This in-depth process uncovers an organization's cultural traits and identifies an individual's crucial professional and personal challenges, technical skill gaps and behavioral areas for improvement. Whether aiming to manage performance, develop leaders to their next level or create an organizational culture change, executives and senior leaders of dozens of organizations have found LaL's 360┬░ feedback to be a powerful ally for mapping a path forward and assessing progress along the way. Feedback may be paired with executive coaching and/or workshops to support clients in their implementation of change.

Lominger International (http://www.lominger.com)
Lominger Limited, Inc., developers of the internationally recognized LEADERSHIP ARCHITECT® Suite, equips executives, managers, and human resource professionals in the world's leading organizations with the tools, research and expertise they need to transform their organizations into best practice centers of leadership.

Lumus - 360 Degree Feedback (http://www.lumus.co.uk/)
Lumus supplies 360 degree feedback surveys to organisations, consultants and development professionals.

Mercer 360 (http://www.mercer.com/talentassessment/)
Multi-rater feedback is widely recognized as a highly accurate and impactful tool for identifying and developing talent. We understand the assessment needs of organizations and carefully designed Mercer 360 accordingly, never losing sight that the process is about more than insight. It's about moving the performance needle in a positive direction within your organization!

Optima360 (http://www.360degreefeedback.net)
Optima360 offers organisations a fast, flexible and affordable web-based 360 degree feedback service that makes the 360 feedback process both quick and painless.

Panoramic Feedback (http://www.panoramicfeedback.com/)
Panoramic Feedback, the leading-edge shape of multi-rater feedback. Internet-based, so there's no expensive software to maintain. User-friendly: quick, attractive, and easy to customize. Reasonably priced.

PDI Ninth House (http://www.pdinh.com)
PDI's consulting services and products are part of an integrated approach that includes defining successful performance and the competencies needed to achieve it, measuring the abilities, perceptions, and performance of individuals and teams against those definitions, and developing the skills and abilities that individuals, teams, and organizations need to be successful.

Peoplefluent (http://www.peoplefluent.com/360-feedback)
Peoplefluent's 360 degree feedback is a key component of the talent management performance suite and provides users with a multi-dimensional view of employee performance.

Perfode - Engage, Assess, Excel (http://www.perfode.com/)
Perfode delivers web based, Performance and Talent management solution that makes it easy to produce high quality Performance Reviewes and align your workforce around key strategic objectives. Perfode empowers you to change once a year "report card" event into the very foundation of your high performance workforce. Our Product Suite Includes * Performance Appraisal with multi-rater assessment, language audit., flexible Review Form Designer with many built in ready to use competencies. * Fully-linked, cascading goals that could be set at higest level's of the organization and are linked to the individual employee goals. * Powerful visual analytics for the managers and HR professionals.

Perspectives 360 degree assessment (http://www.perspectives360.com)
360 degree management skills assessment system with opportunities for trainers, consultants and employers to become Partners and/or Account Holders

Pilat HR Solutions (http://www.pilat.com/)
The Leader in Competency-Based Succession Planning Software, 360 degree Assessment and HR Software Products.

Primalogik 360 (http://primalogik.com)
Web-based solution with customizable questionnaires, automated email reminders, results analysis and historic comparison of results, multilingual support and more...

Psychological Associates (http://www.q4solutions.com)
This portion of the www.q4solutions.com (part of the www.dwq4.com international site) introduces the expertise of our Company and International Network in the 360° feedback instruments and methods, in liaison with other HR Development initiatives: assessment, training, coaching, team building, etc.

Quantisoft - Employee and Customer Surveys (http://www.Quantisoft.com)
Quantisoft's Leadership Assessment Surveys provide insightful feedback to business leaders, and organization-wide information for senior management and HR. Identify ways to increase leadership effectiveness across the organization.

QuestBack (http://www.questback.com/)
Enterprise Feedback Management (EFM) is a system of processes and software that enables organizations to centrally manage deployment of surveys while dispersing authoring and analysis throughout an organization. EFM systems typically provide different roles and permission levels for different types of users, such as novice survey authors, professional survey authors, survey reporters and translators. EFM can help an organization establish a dialogue with employees, partners, and customers regarding key issues and concerns and potentially make customer specific real time interventions. EFM consists of data collection, analysis and reporting.

RealTime Performance (http://www.realtimeperformance.com)
RealTime 360 is a flexible online 360-feedback and goal-setting solution with robust reporting capability, customizable questions and formats, and a built-in online leadership development guide.

Reactive 360 Appraisal (http://www.reactive360.com)
Online suppliers of 360 degree performance appraisal software including the populare quick360 system

SelfStir.com - Free 360 Degree Feedback (http://www.selfstir.com)
SelfStir provides a free 360 degree feedback and self assessment tool to help individuals develop core and leadership competencies in a connected environment with professional and peer coaches.

Sigma Assessment Systems (http://www.sigmaassessmentsystems.com/assessments/360.asp)
Has put together SigmaRADIUS Service Bureau, an expert team and a library of tools that can help your organization to develop its employee potential.

Small Improvements - Performance Reviews and 360 Degree Feedback (http://www.small-improvements.com)
Dehassle the performance review: Small Improvements lets you focus on actual feedback and improvements, not on ratings and metrics. It's web-based, hosted, affordable and pretty. Your staff will grasp the concept immediately. If you've used Facebook before, you're almost overqualified. 360 degree feedback, performance appraisals, objectives and microblogging, all in one unified application. Free 10 user license available.

Smart360 (http://www.appraisal-smart.com/360-Degree-Feedback-Appraisal.htm)
The Smart360 system offers an unparalleled opportunity for employees to obtain targeted and high-quality feedback from peers, direct reports, managers, and customers-with a view to modifying their behavior for improved working relationships, team synergy, job performance, and customer service. The unique, context-targeted technology of Smart360 enables highly targeted question sets for each individual Rater Group-covering its unique working relationship and involvement with the employee.

STAR 360 Feedback (http://www.star360feedback.com)
STAR is a 360-degree feedback technology. We specialize in helping consultants and corporations to streamline the 360 process. Our systems are simple and efficient. Surveys can be taken online, over the phone, or on paper. Call Bonnie at 888-467-8575 to learn more.

SuccessFactors 360 Degree Feedback (http://www.successfactors.com/en_us/solutions/bizx-suite/talent-solutions/performance-goals/360-reviews.html)
SuccessFactors offers on-demand performance management software including 360 degree feedback, employee appraisals, goal management, succession planning, compensation planning and more.

SumTotal 360 Degree Feedback Software (http://www.sumtotalsystems.com/products/360-degree-feedback.html)
SumTotal 360 Feedback automates the competency-based multisource assessment process to facilitate employee development planning.

Survelio.com - Survey as a Service (http://www.survelio.com)
A fast, flexible and affordable web-based 360 degree feedback service.

The Survey Company (http://www.surveycompany.com/)
Delivers high-quality customer and employee feedback using tools and processes designed to make your job easier.

SurveyConnect, Inc (http://www.surveyconnect.com)
Use ActiveView 360 to automate the entire process, from the notification of the participants to the delivery of online real-time reports.

Survey Research Associates, Inc (http://www.sra-online.com/SRA-Inc/MainFrame.html)
Offers expertise in the design, implementation and follow-up of 360/multi-source feedback and employee opinion surveys to corporations internationally.

Synergita (http://synergita.com/product-bd/360-degree-performance-appraisals)
We all love our work, don't we? Could you all imagine how we all will be motivated at work if we receive sincere feedback from our peers or seniors? Check out this software , 360 degree performance appraisal from Synergita. This will help you receive honest and relevant feedback from your co-workers and employers, which in turn can improve your performance. You can as well comment about your colleague without disclosing your details.Check out their live demo.

Team New England Leadership Training & Development (http://www.teambuildingne.com)
Leadership development organization offering a complete line of 360 degree feedback services and software from survey design to coaching.

Technomedia 360 Multi Rater Assessment (http://www.technomedia.com/en/)
The 360° process opens the door to a multi-dimensional view of an employee's real performance rating across your organization. This type of feedback plays a vital role in the performance, growth and development of your workforce, and the perceptions of others within their circle of influence often impact their level of success at your company. Our technology allows you to capture feedback from other team members, indirect managers, peers - or even customers and vendor - to provide a broader view that shares valuable performance insight well beyond an employee's immediate supervisor.

3D Group (http://www.3dgroup.net)
3D Group's Leadership Navigator series is a suite of reliable and valid 360 feedback surveys for roles from mid level managers to the most senior executive. Our online 360 process is user-friendly and our experienced consultants provide outstanding service.

360 Feedback (http://www.360-feedback.us)
Your complete source for 20/20 Insight GOLD products and services.

360-DegreeFeedback.com (http://www.360-degreefeedback.com/)
Your guide to 360 information and resources.

APT360 (http://www.evaluare360.ro/en/index.php)
A quick, simple and affordable way to get professional 360 Degree multirater feedback without the paperwork or processing.

360 Performance Review Tool (http://www.360-review.co.uk)
Secure online 360 Review Tool to suit your HR needs, view sample report and try the simple online demo.

Track 360 Degree Feedback (http://www.tracksurveys.co.uk)
Track Surveys provide customised, multi-language online 360 degree feedback and Talent Management tools. HR Consultants - run your own 360 projects using Track's Empower 360 dashboard.

Transcende (http://www.transcende.net)
Online 360 appraisals and eCoaching solutions for measurable Leadership 'soft skills' development

TTG Consultants (http://www.ttgconsultants.com)
A comprehsnive site with free stuff on 360 feedback, birkman, organizational development, corporate change, executive coaching and above all our career advancement

viaPeople (http://www.viapeople.com/360-degree-performance-appraisal/)
Our 360 Feedback product can be implemented in groups ranging from the single digits to many thousands, and combines quick deployment with the ability to create individual feedback reports in a few days or as little as 1 week from the close of the cycle.

Vision Metrics 360 Feedback (http://www.visionmetrics.net)
Delivering visually stunning 360 degree feedback reports in matter of minutes. We'll help you set up online tools with hassle free technology.

William Steinberg Consultants Inc (http://www.NotJustSurveys.com)
Survey Tools for Windows is the market leading employee survey software. Versions are available for employee, 360 and customer surveys. A fully functional demo may be downloaded at no charge. The site also has numerous articles on conducting surveys.

WorkforceGrowth LLC (http://www.workforcegrowth.com)
WorkforceGrowth is an effective employee performance management system with instant appraisals and reports.

Workscape (http://www.workscape.com/)
Workscape's outsourced benefits and workforce management solutions transform the delivery and adoption of HR services across the enterprise to maximize ROI and enable a higher-performing organization.

York Consulting Team, The (http://www.yorkteam.com/)
The York Consulting Team is committed to helping our clients meet their business goals. We partner with you to integrate your business knowledge and expertise with proven, breakthrough organization development technologies, tools and processes.

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