Drug Testing Resources

Background Screening (http://www.mafscreening.com)
MAFScreening offers a full range of employment and tenant screening solutions including background checks, drug testing, and much more!

Drug Testing Programs (http://drugtestquotes.com)
Get quotes from the nation's leading drug testing programs.

Background Information Services, Inc. (http://www.employeescreen.com)
We provide employers with accurate, complete and timely background information and drug screening on job applicants.

Complete Drug Testing Solutions (http://www.completedrugtestingsolutions.com)
Complete Drug Testing Solutions offers drug testing kits at a low cost. All test kits are FDA approved.

Compliance Information Systems (http://www.everitest.net/?trk=lnk)
Leading the industry on programs designed to manage drug and alcohol testing programs for employers, TPAs, and MROs.

DDS Employee Screening Services (http://www.employeescreening.com)
We are a provider of drug testing, background checks, and employee screening services, for businesses nationwide

Drug Test Central (http://www.drugtestcentral.com/employer-services/basic-drug-tests-services.aspx)
A physician-owned company specializing in drug tests, drug testing services, and drug abuse information and resources.

Drug Test Coordinators (http://www.drugtesting.com)
We offer a full range of employee drug testing services beginning with the design and implementation of a drug free workplace policy designed specifically to meet the needs of each individual client company.

Drug Testing Questions and Answers (http://www.occ-doc.net/forum/index.php)
Bulletin board offering free, expert answers to questions about workplace drug and alcohol testing.

Drug Testing Supplies (http://drugcup.com/)
Drug testing supplies, lowest price on the internet. Visit our store or call 605-366-2994

Early Drug Testing Solutions From AngelScope (http://www.earlydrugtesting.co.uk)
AngelScopeā„¢ Early Drug Testing Solutions Supply Drug Testing Kits for Urine and Oral Saliva tests for up to 10 Drugs of abuse. Alcohol Tests for BAC & BrAC levels.

Employee Drug Testing Services - Wolfedata (http://www.wolfedata.com)
Nationwide drug and alcohol testing services. FDA cleared on site drug test kits and DOT compliant testing. Internet tracking and results reporting. Low cost, reliable.

ESRcheck (http://www.esrcheck.com/index.php)
A Full Range of Pre-employment Screening Services and Background Checks for Employers, Human Resources and Security Departments.

EZ Key Cup Integrated Split Specimen Drug Test Cup (http://www.ezkeycup.com/default.asp)
EZkeyCup.com is home of the E-Z Integrated Key Cup. A rapid on-site urine drug test cup for the purpose of detecting drugs of abuse, ezkeycup is owned and operated by Rapid Detect, Inc.

Gold Medal Screening Solutions (http://www.goldmedalss.com/)
Gold Medal Screening Solutions is a national company based in Charlotte, North Carolina specializing in forensic toxicology, background investigations, and DNA analysis.
Forensic Toxicology - We help communities and businesses confront the scourge of substance abuse in the community and in the workplace. We have developed comprehensive Drug-Free Workplace programs for the DOT regulated and non-regulated workplaces. We can assist with policies and procedures for your business, provide training for your employees and managers, and increase your compliance while reducing your risks and insurance costs.
Background Investigations - We provide criminal records research, DMV reports, credit reports, numerous verification services, and much more.
DNA Analysis - Through our partnerships with the best laboratories in the nation, we deliver the industry's best DNA technologies, priced very aggressively.

Forensic Fliuds Laboratories (http://www.ForensicFluids.com/)
Our Drug Testing & Screening Services are the best for businesses that care about "The Big 4" of: 1) Accuracy -- 2) Easy, Non Invasive Testing -- 3) Speed of Lab Results -- 4) Price.

HIRE-SAFE employment background screening (http://www.hire-safe.com)
All employment background checks are NOT the same! Legally compliant Pre-Employment Background Screening and Drug Testing.

Hiring Store (http://www.hiring-store.com)
A nationwide provider of pre-employment testing and on-site oral fluid drug screening with a 40-year history of success in assisting employers in hiring better people; reducing shortage and lowering employee turnover.

HR-Guide (http://www.hr-guide.com/data/081.htm)
Additional resources on Drug and Alcohol

Integrity Screening Solutions (http://integrityscreeningsolutions.com/)
Integrity Screening Solutions works with Federal, State, and County public reporting agencies to provide accurate and reliable information that is critical for pre-employment, employment and/or volunteer decisions. All information collected complies with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) as well as Federal and State regulations.

Kroll - Comprehensive Background Screening and Drug Testing (http://krollbackgroundscreening.com/comprehensive-services/drug-testing)
Kroll provides organizations worldwide with comprehensive screening services that help them make empowered decisions and mitigate risks through industry-leading expertise and technology. The accurate, compliant, and timely information we supply facilitates informed choices in critical areas like employment, vendor selection, identify theft prevention and assistance, investment placement, and institutional admissions.

MediTests (http://www.meditests.com)
Full service provider of drug and alcohol testing services On site and off site. Urine Saliva and Hair tests available.

Nationwide Drug Testing (http://www.nationwidedrugtesting.com)
Nationwide Drug Testing offers DOT Drug Testing Programs as well as customized drug testing programs for private entities.

Origin Diagnostics, LLC (http://www.origindiagnostics.com)
A leading provider of top quality on-site drug testing devices. Our drug test are easy to operate, convenient to store, and deliver results in minutes. We provide a wide range of urine drug test, oral drug tests and alcohol tests.

Personalilzed Lab Services - Employer Drug Kits (http://www.EmployerDrugKits.com)
Instant saliva drug tests for pre-employment and random employee drug testing. DOT alcohol tests.

Pre-Employment Drug Screening (http://www.employmentdrugtesting.com/)
Site offers pre-employment drug testing nationwide. It also contains helpful content on the topic as well.

Premier InfoSource (http://www.premierinfosource.com)
Nationwide drug testing & employment screening

PreventX (http://www.preventx.com)
UKs leading supplier of high quality Drug Testing Kits

Redwood Toxicology Laboratory (http://www.redwoodtoxicology.com/)
With over 5 million testing devices sold worldwide, RTL is committed to providing the highest quality and most cost effective drug testing solutions available.

Saliva Drug and Alcohol Testing (http://www.salivadrug.com/oratect_ii.htm)
On-site saliva drug and alcohol screening that saves time and is about half the cost of lab based urine testing.

Test Country - Local Drug Testing Center (http://www.testcountry.com/drug-testing-center-facilities)
TestCountry offers a very wide variety of home testing kits and various laboratory testing services for parents, individuals, non-profit or government organizations and all size businesses.

US Screening Source (http://www.usscreeningsource.com)
Drug Tests, results in minutes. Low cost urine Drug test, Drug testing Kits and Saliva Drug Tests.

White Glove Drug & Alcohol Testing, Inc (http://www.whiteglovetesting.com)
We provide onsite and emergency drug & alcohol testing for regulated and non-regulated employers. We service the entire state of Maryland on a 24/7 basis with ONLY CERTIFIED collectors and breath alcohol technicians. We do not require long term contracts. We will utilize your current lab and/or MRO or we can provide. Random selection, records management, and TPA also available. All types of testing performed.

Xlar.com Drug Testing Kit (http://www.xlar.com)
Drug testing supplies from leading distributor of drug tests

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