Employee Testing and Selection

Adaface (
Adaface provides 700+ pre-employment tests on more than 30+ programming languages to screen candidates for Software Engineering roles, Business roles, Managerial positions, etc.

AlignMark (
AlignMark's AccuVision Systems use job simulation, video, and computer technologies to predict an applicant's probability of success, strengths, and developmental needs.

Applied Personnel Research (
Specialists in developing/validating written and oral tests for employee selection. Tests include the WTMA, a test of mechanical aptitude, and the LPAT, a language-free aptitude test for computer programmers/analysts.

APR Testing Services (
APR Testing Services, founded in 1977, provides testing solutions for employers, including both online and paper-based testing products. APR Testing Services explicitly strives to develop tests that are fair to all test takers, whatever their background. Its users range from Fortune 250 and other large, entrepreneurial companies to IT enterprises and small businesses.

Assess (
Assess is the only totally web based tool that enables you to develop and deliver online surveys, online assessments, and online tests and exams in one tool.

Axiom Software Ltd (
Windows and web-based recruitment and HR software incorporating a range of skills, aptitude and personality tests and assessments.

Benchmark Testware, Inc (
Mechanical aptitude tests for machine operators, mechanical trades apprenticeships, and industrial maintenance technicians.

Birkman International, Inc. (
provider of the industry-leading personality assessment that facilitates team building, executive coaching, leadership development, career and talent management and interpersonal conflict resolution. For over 50 years, corporate human resources professionals, independent consultants, executive coaches, educational institutions and other not-for-profit organizations have used The Birkman Method® with over 2.5 million individuals. The Birkman Method® personality test accurately measures productive behaviors, stress behaviors, underlying needs, motivations and organizational orientation.

Brainbench (
Brainbench's advanced assessment products and services make it easy for you to predict employee success by identifying the best match to the essential aspects of the job (skills, personality, aptitude, etc.). ISO9001:2000 certified, Brainbench assessments are of the highest quality.

CDR Assessment Group, Inc. (
We provide the break-through CDR 3-Dimensional Assessment Suite which accurately measures a leader's: character (acumen & emotional intelligence), risk factors that can derail succes, and motivational drivers and reward needs. These tools are validated for development coaching and for selection/succession planning decisions.

CEB Talent Assessment Services (
CEB Talent Assessment Services help you implement an assessment program to meet your business priorities. Our global team of HR experts, occupational psychologists and implementation advisors can work with you to design, deliver, and apply industry-leading, scalable assessment solutions to address your business needs.

Central Test (
Our consultants help thousands of organizations worldwide make evaluations using scientifically validated psychometric tests. Use our personality and aptitude tests to objectively assess applicants and employees. Discover our personality test, Professional Profile.

The Chrysalis Corporation | Pre-Employment Tests and Assessments (
Pre-employment assessment tests for small to medium medium-sized businesses. Whether you have a need to test one candidate or thousands, we have a pre-employment selection solution to meet your requirements.

C-Net Technologies (
C-Net Technologies is an innovative solutions provider for vendor management, auditing, drug screening, background check, photo ID badge distribution, and more! We harness our risk management, investigative, and technology know-how to empower our clients with in-depth information for informed decision-making.

ComPAS Now online competency assessment tool (
ComPAS Now is the only competency based online assessment tool using NLP. We measure 200+ competencies which are required for different job performance. The test can support ISCO(international standard classification of occupation) and NOS (national occupational standard)

Criteria Corp (
Provides web-based pre-employment tests, including aptitude, personality, and skills tests.

CritiCall Pre-Employment Testing for Public Saftey Dispatchers & Calltakers (
CritiCall is software that tests public-safety dispatcher, calltaker, and telecommunicator applicants in the computer and other job-related skills necessary for today's complex dispatching environment. Don't rely on written tests or outdated products that simulate the dispatching environment as it existed decades ago. CritiCall gives you the power to test the actual skills and multi-tasking abilities so highly coveted in the 21st century.

CR Systems (
Psychometric Testing, Employee Engagement and 360 DegreemFeedback. We provide the tools, tests, resource and expertise to measure the people side of your business.

DeGarmo Group (
Experts in test development and validation research. DeGarmo Group offers a line of web-based Fit Index assessments for a variety of entry-level jobs.

DiSC Personality Tests (
We offer the DiSC Profile Personality Test and a full line of Training & Development materials.

Employee Selection and Development, Inc. (
Provides management testing and personality testing to over 900 companies worldwide with the most cost effective and revealing pre-employment testing and post employment testing available. Our goal is to help companies, hiring managers and human resource professionals screen applicants, through employment testing, for: job fit, work ethic, integrity, aptitude and core competencies. By using our testing, companies reduce employee turnover and have a highly motivated and compatible workforce.

Employment Technologies (
Employment Technologies creates immersive and engaging job simulations that provide proven hiring, onboarding, and development results for organizations that care about their people. In addition to pre-employment tests, we also offer virtual interviews and job previews. We deliver these tools with a superior level of customer service to support our clients current and ongoing growth goals.

EmployTest (
EmployTest offers a complete HR toolkit to help managers select better employees. We have Microsoft Office tests (including Excel tests), basic computer skills tests, clerical skills tests, aptitude tests, and accounting tests. (
The leader in the practical use of biodata prediction technology over the past 10 years. Our vast experience in biodata is based on dozens of jobs, hundreds of companies, thousands of predictor items, and millions of participants.

eSkill: technical skills testing (
A Web-based skills testing product that lets hiring managers easily combine multiple subjects and skill levels into a single job-based test. Pick subjects, subtopics, and even individual questions from our extensive subject library. eSkill is also designed to integrate with other HRIS systems.

eTest (
Standardized and Customizable Pre-Employment Assessment Tools

Fair Test (
The National Center for Fair & Open Testing is an advocacy organization working to end the abuses, misuses and flaws of standardized testing and ensure that evaluation of students and workers is fair, open, and educationally sound.

FurstPerson (
FurstPerson is a leading human resource consulting firm that can help call centers find, hire, and keep better employees.

Geier Learning Systems (
Assessments online with John G. Geier, Ph.D., author, D-I-S-C. Access a variety of industry-leading, time-tested, insightful instruments for job candidates and employees. Immediate scoring and interpretation--e-business managed.

Hogan Assessment Systems (
Hogan Assessment Systems is the industry leader in employee selection, employee development, and talent management providing comprehensive personality assessment solutions for a variety of organizations and positions. Hogan specializes in implementing selection systems to identify high fit candidates and leadership development tools to help emerging leaders realize their potential.

HR Alignment Consulting Assessments (
HRA industrial psychologists develop and validate advanced strategic selection tools to match candidate qualifications to requirements based on unique job requirements and demands.

HR Avatar Whole-Person Assessment (
Whole-person testing for hundreds of jobs. Over 200 tests, each uses simulations of job-related tasks to measure cognitive (intelligence), personality, emotional intelligence, skills, behavior, writing (if important to job). Detailed report includes interview questions, too.

HRVision Predictive Modeling Assessment Tool (
SavvyExpert, the first of its kind employment assessment solution that reaches predictive validity of above 0.6 in the mass recruitment fields (call centers, sales, banks etc.). Owing to its artficial intelligence based job profiling, the system can predict job performance for any candidate within 90 minutes using non linear analysis.

iApplicants (
iApplicants provides fully customizable Behavioral and Cognitive pre-employment tests. Our tests can be used on their own, or fully integrated with our Applicant Tracking System.

IBM Watson Candidate Assistant (
Imagine finding the right talent, faster, and guided by data. Opening up personalized pathways for your employees with AI-powered growth and development practices. Driving exponential business growth powered by talent empowered by technology. With Watson™ tools for HR, companies are seeing a 64% increase in candidates who progress to a face to face interview, a 20% increase in average monthly hires by recruiter, and a 47% increase in candidates submitted per day from recruiter to hiring manager.

Infor Talent Science (
Place the right job candidates in the right positions with Infor Talent Science, a patented, cloud-based Predictive Talent Analytics and pre-employment testing solution. By leveraging large quantities of behavioral and performance data, Talent Science helps you build career pathing strategies that contribute to your workforce's long-term engagement and developmentā€”all from a single behavioral assessment. With insights you can customize into predictive models, you can better select, retain, and develop the right talent across the entire employee life cycle and, over time, completely transform your business.

Interview Mocha - Online Assessment Software (
Interview Mocha is a pre-employment testing solution for skills in Business, Finance, Marketing, Sales, Language, ERP, Design, Development, IT and many more. Interview Mocha's pre-employment assessments allow for a complete evaluation of a candidates skills in all the areas of expertise needed for a specific job profile.

For over 70 years LIMRA and LOMA have been helping organizations large and small achieve their business objectives by hiring and developing top performers. Our historical background as member-owned associations means we focus our efforts on helping clients succeed with effective solutions and ongoing support. Literally hundreds of companies around the world use our products and services, including numerous Fortune 500 and Fortune Global 500 firms. We help them assess and develop more than 2.5 million people annually.

MaintTest (
MaintTest supplies industrial maintenance tests for finding skilled technicians.

MAUS HR Profiler (
MAUS HR Profiler gives you the power to ensure that you recruit the best people for your business whilst giving you the ideal coaching and development tool for your existing employees. Monitor a candidates suitability for the job, their people management abilities, as well as their individual needs and motives. With MAUS HR Profiler, you will save countless hours in recruiting new staff and training your existing staff to a higher level of performance.

Mettl Psychometric Tests (
Mettl is the go to solution to conduct online psychometric tests globally.

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) (
With more than 70 years of science-based, research-based insight, the MBTI assessment is a robust tool for self-awareness and improvement. It provides positive language for understanding and valuing individual differences. With practical insight thats easy to understand and implement, the MBTI assessment has helped thousands of organizations and millions of people around the world improve how they communicate, learn, and work.

OE Strategies (
Using a credible Industrial/Organizational Psychology firm ensures that your organization is in compliance with professional and legal requirements. We bring experience backed by training in I/O Psychology.

123 Test (
Psychological tests for every career question and personal development. From career choice to IQ, for personality and job test assessment practice.

OutMatch (
Using the OutMatch Talent Analytics Platform, you'll finally have the data you need to improve your hiring process and set employees up for long-term success in your company.

Performance Programs, Inc. (
Employee satisfaction surveys, morale and culture surveys, 360 feedback, employee personality tests, work-life balance assessments, and expatriate assessments.

Pilat HR Solutions (
(Assessment/Succession Planning/Incentives) USA, a selection of windows based products focusing on 360 Assessment, Succession PLanning and INcentive Compensation.

PLM Advanced Analysis (
The Advanced Analysis™ takes the assessment of people to a whole new level. It gives you the comprehensiveness and accuracy you can otherwise only get from of a skilled assessment psychologist, except its fast and affordable. Ideal for mid- to senior-level selection, coaching, counseling and leadership/succession planning initiatives.

Pro.file Performance System™ - Employee Personality Assessment Tools (
Pro.file Performance System is an online software that provides employee personality assessment tools and pre employment personality tests to help managers build high performance organizations.

Profile Strategies (
Profile Strategies offers Internet pre employment and post employment testing and assessments for screening of job candidates and managing current employees. These tools are used by managers and human resource personnel.

Profiles International (
Profiles International is a leading provider of employment assessment and human resource management solutions that help organizations worldwide select the right people for the right job and develop them to their full potential.

Prometric (
Prometric, a Part of Thomson Corporation, testing centers and Internet-based testing solutions can help you resolve your pre-employment qualification and assessment concerns.

PsySelection - Personnel testing & assessment services (
PsySelection offers Human Resource professionals personnel selection and employee evaluation services using state of the art psychometric tests.

Ramsay Corporation (
Ramsay Corporation provides selection and assessment services through the use of validated aptitudes and skills tests. Our primary focus is with craft-related job titles.

ReviewNet (
ReviewNet Corporation provides tools and services that help companies attract, screen, and select top IT personnel. ReviewNet's assessment and screening solutions make your IT hiring process easier and more efficient.

Rogers Group Pre-employment Testing (
At The Rogers Group we know the right questions to ask you well before you get to the hiring stage, to save you time and money. Together we structure a selection approach to maximise your success rate and reduce the risk of costly mistakes.
Defining the process and structure is one of our specialties where many of our clients have struggled in the past. We work with you to understand the unique characteristics, traits, competencies and behavioural benchmarks that your position requires. We then help you select the right type of psychometric testing to clearly identify the one candidate most likely to succeed in your organisation above all others.

SalesDrive (
SalesDrive is a top online sales assessment test developed to help hiring managers screen for high-potential sales candidates during the interview phase. (
Our sales assessment test takes the guesswork out of hiring salespeople by measuring the sales applicant's true motivational style, sales personality traits and job fit today, so you make better hiring decisions. Our test cuts through the applicant's face and identifies the real person, enabling you to accurately determine if they have the right sales personality for your position.

Saterfiel & Associates (
Provides a full range of Internet based pre-employment assessments designed to strengthen the employee selection process. Includes articles regarding: legality, validity, reliability issues, and other resource articles.

Select International (
Founded nearly two decades ago, Select International specializes in assessments. Millions of people in over 80 countries have been assessed using our automated tests, inventories and job related simulations. Recognized for innovation in testing technology, Select International provides one of the most complete and well researched libraries of testing content for all organizational levels.

Self Management Group (
Our wide range of role specific, validated assessment tools are suitable for employee recruiting and selection, succession planning, leadership development, career self management and performance coaching. Contact our professional consultants and experience a free psychometric test.

Shaker Consulting Group (
Virtual Job Tryout® Custom simulations for pre-employment testing and employee selection provides candidates an opportunity to try out a job at your company. Through a day-in-the-life experience, candidates complete a series of exercises that mirror key job demands. Their results predict the likelihood of success on the job. Which in turn helps you improve employee selection and make better hiring decisions.

SIGMA Assessment Systems (
Psychological tests have been found to be one of the most valid and cost effective means for identifying the most suitable applicants for the job (Schmidt & Hunter, 1998). When properly conducted, selection testing can contribute significantly to your bottom line. SIGMA offers a wide range of both personality-based and cognitive selection measures.

SkillCheck Pacific (
SkillCheck Pacific provides a broad range of online performance, knowledge and skill based tests and behavioural (psych) assessments encompassing office, clerical, industrial, call centre, retail, food services, medical, legal and accounting discipline.

Skillsarena (
Providing employment tests to help you hire the right staff and developmental tools to ensure your existing staff maximise their potential.

SRS Group (
Psychometric testing provided by Strategic Resource Solutions Ltd (SRS). As a UK based leader in the field of psychometric testing and strategic human resource management, SRS Management provides a reliable and valid assessment of the most complex resource your organization has: its human resources.

Success Performance Solutions (
Pre-employment tests are an important part of any hiring process, as they objectively assess proficiency and give employers quick results. Good pre-employment testing software will help eliminate guesswork and ensure that you find the right person for the job the first time.

TalentQuest (
TalentQuest provides solutions to help your workforce reach its full performance and leadership potential. Our approach combines consulting services with customized software applications to help you select, develop and retain the best talent at every level.

TeleSoft Systems (
SPAS - Service Personnel Appraisal Software - is CD-Rom based Call Center Agent Pre-Employment Testing Software, which is Easy to Deploy, Very Cost-Effective and Highly Predictive of an Individual's Suitability for a particular Call Center Agent Position. SPAS Weeds Out Job Candidates Who Burn Out Fast Because They Aren't Suited For The Work, and Identifies The People With The Skills, Motivation, and Work Ethic to be Top Call Center Agents., Inc. ( features the Internet's largest collection of instantly scored tests.

Test Center by People Systems (
Test Center offers People Analytics based skills, aptitude & personality tests. Its over 120 personality tests are based on most reliable Big Five theory, which are further made accurate with proprietary AI based methods. It offers a range of skills & aptitude tests with varied proficiency levels suiting all requirements. Test Center's test engine is logically designed so as to make it greatly user-friendly & low on resources to accommodate higher number of concurrent test takers. Having served in more than 20 countries since 2004, Test Center is recognized for its value-innovation-driven approach.

Thomas International (
Thomas International has been a global provider of objective management systems and business assessment tools that help organisations solve their people puzzles. We carry out over one million assessments every year, and with a presence in over 60 countries, our behavioural assessments are available in 56 different languages.

Total Testing (
Total Testing - provides skills testing services for HR. We specialize in working with small to mid-sized companies that need a way to test their candidate's skills. We provide a service by helping companies set up the testing online or with a CD. We never charge any set up or licensing fees. We offer over 500 validated skills tests in the areas of MS Office, Clerical, Accounting, Call Center & more. (
This site is a free resource to the Human Resources community. The Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures apply to all selection procedures used to make employment decisions, including interviews, review of experience or education from application forms, work samples, physical requirements, and evaluations of performance. The guidelines are designed to aid in the achievement of our nation's goal of equal employment opportunity without discrimination on the grounds of race, color, sex, religion or national origin.

Wiesen Test of Mechanical Aptitude (
The WTMA is a written test of mechanical aptitude. Mechanical aptitude helps people learn about and use tools, machines and equipment. The test is designed for use in selecting entry-level personnel for jobs involving the operation, maintenance, and repair of mechanical equipment of various types.

The Winslow Report (
Selection of applicants is one of, if not the most, important aspects of building and maintaining a successful organization. Research proves when a person fails in their career in more than 90% of the time that failure is directly attributed to some aspect of human behavior. Individuals do not usually fail because of lack of education, experience, training, or skills. They fail because their personality is not compatible to the behavioral requirements of their career. An organization can invest significant amount of time and money creating products or services and a successful business. However, if the wrong applicants are hired it will fail or at best, never achieve its potential.

Wonderlic Personnel Test, Inc (
Publishers of a range of testing tools including personality, office skills and general intelligence including 16PF.

Work Skills First, Inc. (
Provides internet-based applicant testing using processionally-developed and empirically-validated tests. Tests are immediately scored and results are e-mailed to the employer. Employers may receive limited-time free service to evaluate the products.