Organizational Development Consultants/Resources

Academy Leadership (
On-site leadership training, management development, team building, and leadership seminars to help your organization achieve business success through effective leadership.

Authenticity Consulting (
Organizational development and change affects all aspects of your organization.. Our senior consultants have the skills and expertise to enhance all of those aspects.

Barbara Braham - Organizational Development Consultant (
Devoted to developing organizations and the people in them through planned change. This includes working with individuals, teams and large systems.

Center for Organizational Design (
Building in-house organization development capability has never been so easy! Contact us for a free consultation.

Chrysalis Consulting (
We offer balanced expertise based upon outstanding business experience enlightened by a holistic organizational development perspective. Our principled yet unique solutions deliver significant improvements to clients' operational and financial bottom lines.

Clarity Consultants (
We offer on-demand expertise in change management, assessment and analysis, executive leadership development, succession planning, and talent/performance management.

C.M. Perme and Associates (
Our specialties include defining, initiating, and guiding change; integrating diverse stakeholders and specialties to get the job done; assessing troubled projects and organizations and determining the critical path to turn them around.

Cook Ross, Inc. (
Cook Ross is a woman-owned OD firm founded in 1989, specializing in diveristy strategy, organizational change and development, and team issues.

Conner Partners (
We have worked with one-third of the Fortune 100 companies, as well as numerous U.S. and international government agencies, to help them successfully navigate large-scale transformations and critical strategic initiatives.

CO2 Partners (
CO2 Partners provides executive coaching, business consulting, and strategic planning services.

The Crawford Group Inc. (
The Crawford Group provides consulting services and develops leadership development, organizational and talent management programs based on Lominger's Leadership Architect® suite of tools that help drive the effectiveness and performance of commercial businesses, nonprofit groups and government agencies.

Develop For Results International (
DFRI is a premier organization dedicated to the critical issues affecting companies globally. The issues we address are of critical relevance to business, including Talent Management, Developmental Coaching, Performance, Selection, and Organizational Development. We work with organizational leaders who are eager to maximize human potential within their organizations. When you work with us, we seek to bring value and improve your workplace.

Droste Group (
We are a global leadership and organizational development consulting firm headquartered in Detroit, MI. We develop extraordinary leaders who build healthy organizations that improve lives. (
An award-winning, web-based performance support system that builds the internal consulting capabilities of HR professionals by helping them diagnose business issues, and design and implement solutions to enhance organizational effectiveness. Requires password. But the on-line demo is free.

Helios HR (
With Helios, you'll gain a strategic partner with a keen eye on your organization's culture, business strategy and budget. By actively cultivating your organization and integrating your people with your core organization values, principles of practice and standards, Helios will help you grow to new levels. We work with your organization to ensure you will be well-positioned to meet future goals and stay aligned with your organization's purpose, strategy and culture.

The Human Dimension (
We are a global executive and organizational development consulting company with over 30 years of experience. Organization development (OD) is the process of improving the efficiency and/or effectiveness of an organization by applying knowledge from the behavioral sciences -- psychology, sociology, cultural anthropology, and other related disciplines. Our consultants reside in many cities across the United States, as well as China, Hong Kong and Australia. We hold a non-judging stance and seek to empower our clients to meet future challenges without us.

Human Systems Dynamics Institute (
Non-profit organization promoting human systems dynamics through research, training, and certification of organizational development professionals for leadership in human systems and change management.

The Kevin Eikenberry Group (
Providing organizations, teams and individuals with the tools to transform their potential into results.

Leading Resources Incorporated (
LRI is a consulting company dedicated to developing leaders and leading organizations.

Lean Manufacturing, Lean Training and Rapid Transformation (
Lean Velocity Inc. prides itself in being able to serve our clients with a wide range of Lean Training Workshops offering rapid and measurable results to meet your specific needs. Whether you're looking for Lean Manufacturing, Lean Enterprise, Lean Office or Lean Logistics we provide a wide variety of lean training programs to suit your every need, training everyone from shop floor to top executives. We will also provide Human Development training to the leaders of your company.

Linda Rasins Consulting (
Helps companies with strategic change implementation, team and leadership development, aligning culture with brand, developing strategic human resources function.

Linkage Inc. (
Linkage provides a broad array of organizational development and corporate education programs, products, and services for Fortune 1000 companies, other large and medium-sized corporations, government entities, colleges, universities, and non-profit organizations worldwide.

Miller Consultants (
We assist companies across the world achieve competitive advantage by aligning organizational and human performance systems with business strategy.

MuRF Systems (
MuRF (Multi-Rater Feedback) Systems was created in order to help companies achieve the greatest possible results through their people. Understanding human capital and learning to tap into the potential that lies within an organization are the keys to propelling an organization into an industry leader. Founded in 1999, MuRF has had the opportunity to serve clients in the United States, Canada, and Spain. We, at MuRF, believe that you get back from people what you invest in them. If you treat people as individuals and focus on developing their strengths, you will get strong performance from them. If you expect poor performance, you will get poor performance. Creating this positive expectancy with accountability is what sets us apart. Our unique style of partnering with our clients enables them to see increases in morale and the overall climate of the organization. Seeing these changes increases the odds of retaining top performers and creating positive change. We at MuRF belive that good people will not stay in a bad culture and bad people will ruin a good culture. This is the reason that we have created a total-company approach to providing solutions. Let us help your organization achieve its full potential!

ORCHANGO Change Management System™ (
Strategic organizational change, employee engagement, and performance improvement practice (English and French). Expertise: managing in an integrated way the two dimensions of organizational change - i.e. human & technical. Specialty: helping business leaders implement their strategies and improve bottom-line performance.

Organization Development Consultants (
At Organization Development Consultants, Inc. (ODC), we employ a total performance system to help our clients to maximize individual, team, and organizational performance. We help our client organizations to focus on their 'one thing,' that for which they have passion and capability and that which drives their economic engine. We accomplish this by assisting in linking and aligning individual and collective efforts. Our approach consistently yields favorable results. By maximizing the performance of people, work processes are efficiently implemented, customer satisfaction is enhanced, and a favorable return is offered to the bottom line.

Organization Development and Design (
We provide change management resources for organizations grappling with change to assess their current performance, gain commitment to a common vision, and execute their strategies. Organization Development and Design serves a wide range of industries including the health care, manufacturing, financial, and utilities industries

Performance Dimensions Group (
Produces measurable results and enhances the capacity of their clients to meet goals. Performance Dimensions quickly gets to the core of an issue, thereby creating clarity, focus, momentum and results. Working with Performance Dimensions, clients save valuable time and financial resources.

Practitioner of Change (
Practitioner of Change™; is a world-class extended learning HR development process that focuses on building in-depth business partnering and change leadership capability in individuals and organizations. It is designed for those individuals who are expected to provide direction and support to their respective businesses and clients. It will also appeal to those individuals and organizations that know they must transform the way HR or internal service providers partner with the business. The process is applicable to employees in related roles such as employee Human Resources, Communications, and Organization Development or any service provision or consulting role. Since its inception in 1993, POC™ has continued to evolve in order to build critical skills of HR practitioners that support organizations as they continue to transition HR functions into business partnering and strategy-setting roles. We now have more than 500 POC® graduates, from 25 different organizations in Canada, the U.S., Europe and Australia.

Praxis Consulting (
We specialize in organizational development consulting - helping executives, leaders, managers, and teams achieve their visions and goals, seize new opportunities, and create and implement effective responses to widespread change and ongoing challenges, all with an eye toward improved performance.

Prepare to Change Assessment Portal (
We just launched a state-of-the-art assessment platform offering 300+ assessments and skills tests! We offer the convenience of online test orders, electronic participant intake, on-screen administration, and video or in-person feedback, combined with proctored test measures, face-to-face consultation or interview, and "uncanned" psychologist-interpreted reports and feedback.

Priority Learning (
Priority Learning is an Organizational Development company focused on the people aspect of work. Leaders, employees, customers, clients, vendors and stakeholders are all part of the success or failure of an organization. The work of designing, delivering and following up on state-of-the-art facilitation, training, coaching and development to each of these groups is what Priority Learning specializes in.

Resource Development Systems (
RDS is a Full Service Management & Training Consulting firm, helping our clients find the right solutions for their management and training challenges.

Results Group, The (
The Results Group is at the center of a network of high level consulting firms whose principals have years of experience in executive positions and in consulting to organizations. Mission is to help clients produce results under conditions of rapid change and complexity.

Right Management (
World's Leading Career Transition and Organizational Consulting Firm. Helps companies manage change by offering a full range of services along the human capital life cycle.

Robin Reid & Associates (
Organization Effectiveness Consulting firm specializing in designing and facilitating organizational change and development for private business and industry, as well as in public settings (Cities, Counties and Federal Agencies).

Solutions (
Solutions is a change management consulting firm that specializes in culture change, organization design and strategy execution.

Synergy CMC (
Synergy transforms People and Organizations by developing their Human Potential through core principles of CULTURE, LEADERSHIP & INNOVATION.
Synergy CMCis a bespoke management consulting agency that specializes in Transformational Change through Values Based Leadership in Large sized organizations, globally.
Our Facilitators are Certified in world-class Leadership and Change Management processes and utilize every tool at their disposal to facilitate meeting and exceeding the unique needs of each individual client.
Our Experts are among some of the worlds foremost Thought Leaders, and collectively have worked with thousands of organizations, and Fortune 500companies, in multiple languages, generating Transformational Change. Synergy is unique in that we add value to our Experts offerings by bringing together a comprehensive individualized plan has content from several of our Experts over the course of our 12 - 18 month long engagements.
Some of our methodologies include: Assessments, Workshops, Retreats, Webinars, Keynote Speakers, Conference Calls, Mentoring, Peer Groups, Executive Coaching, Leadership Development, Marketing Strategies, Ideation Session, Product and Service Development.

Toolpack Consulting (
Toolpack Consulting provides services to consultants and end users. Our customers include companies, nonprofits, governments, and other consultants.

Tracy Wallach & Assoc-Organization Consulting (
Organization consultancy, offering a dynamic and systemic approach to consultation, specializing in leadership development, conflict management, group and team faciliation, strategic visioning

TSI - Transforming Solutions, Inc. (
We are a Organizational Change and Change Management consulting firm

The Weissman Group (
The Weissman Group is a specialized management consulting firm located in Dayton, Ohio. Our philosophy of consulting is to work through and with the executive or management team to develop strategic plans, resolve issues and facilitate change in order to build a firm foundation within an organization for improvement and future crisis prevention.


Field Guide to Consulting and Organizational Development (
A Collaborative and Systems Approach to Performance, Change and Learning (for working with for-profit businesses and government agencies)

History of Organization Development (

Organizational Development Consultants News and Trends (