EAP Programs

ACI Specialty Benefits Corporation (
ACI, an international corporate assistance company, provides Employee Assistance Programs (EAP), and a variety of Work/life, Concierge, and Corporate Training modules to top local and global corporations.

Amplified Life Network - Mental/Behavioral Health & Wellness Content That Engages, Informs and Motivates! (
Purchase & download mental/behavioral health and wellness resources, including pamphlets, posters, newsletters, digital products, web portals & more! Amplified Life serves organizations such as EAPs, hospitals, universities, government agencies, private practices etc.

Business Health Services (
BHS' Employee Assistance Program and Work-Life Balance services help alleviate these burdens. By providing your employees with high-quality resources and personal assistance, BHS helps address personal problems before work performance and your company's bottom line are affected.

CareConnectUSA (
Free workplace posters list financial helplines for employees. 33% of all employees face severe financial strain. Trustworthy helplines route to government agencies, non-profits and legal clinics. Free calls, free advice, free posters. And now a free mobile app, called "Trusted Helplines". is a public benefit organization. Founded when David Moakler, a financial counselor, sat next to a social worker on a long flight.

CareReports (
CareReports is the leading provider of work life services in the nation. Our core services include child care, elder care, legal, financial and convenience services for corporations and consumers. Our premier product, CareReports®, are custom published referral reports. In addition to work/life benefits, our three divisions include: CareTrust, national child and elder care provider services, Data Services, database, data architecture and capture services, and eaposters, EAP and workplace employee communication programs.

ComPsych Corporation (
ComPsych Corporation is the world's largest provider of employee assistance programs and the leading provider of fully integrated EAP, behavioral health, work-life, wellness and HR and FMLA administration services under the GuidanceResources® brand. We serve more than 13,000 organizations covering more than 35 million individuals in the U.S. and over 100 countries.

CorpCare Associates, Inc (
Since 1991, CorpCare provides a traditional EAP model that incorporates current technologies to help enhance its message of care and concern. CorpCare's entrusted service emphasizes personal and professional clinical sessions. We believe this emphasis represents clinical best practices by providing a personal approach to helping each employee or dependent one at a time.

EAP Consultants, Inc. (
EAP Consultants, Inc. is a leading provider of outstanding, comprehensive Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs), Work/Life and Wellness services, and has been an innovator in the field since 1989. Our services are tailored to the needs of your organization, and delivered with our responsive and compassionate approach.

EAP List (
Provides a comprehensive and active list of nationwide, reputable, fully liscensed employee assistance programs.

eaposters (
Specializing in workplace wellness posters, EAP posters and workplace safety posters - including workplace violence prevention, addiction prevention, fitness promotion, disaster mitgation plan and emergency preparedness posters. 5 sizes, multiple languages, all original designs. (
National EAP directory to help you find both EAP companies and FEE for Service providers to provide all your companies EAP needs both big or small. (
Nationwide directory of Employee Assistance Program providers and consultants in the United States from DataLink.

EFR Employee & Family Resources (
When employees have life support, work success will follow. Employees distracted with real life problems need somewhere to turn. That's where EFR's Employee Assistance Program can help. Our EAP provides the emotional support your employees need to be successful at work. Hundreds of organizations consider EFR's EAP to be a core part of their work because of the toll everyday life can have on employee performance and health. Our EAP has saved lives, prevented accidents, addressed alcoholism, kept families whole, helped managers sleep at night, assisted domestic violence victims to safety, encouraged productive employees, resolved conflicts and helped businesses thrive.

Employee Assistance Network of North Carolina (
EAN is a non-profit provider of employee assistance programs, managed behavioral healthcare services and workplace-related consultation, training and education programs. EAN provides personalized, affordable services to employer groups of all sizes. Our team of licensed counselors and consultants are committed to providing services of the highest quality to both individuals and organizations.

Employee Assistance Professionals Association (
The EAPA is the world's oldest and largest membership organization for employee assistance professionals, with approximately 5,000 members in the United States and more than 30 other countries. EAPA hosts an annual conference, publishes the Journal of Employee Assistance , and offers training and other resources to enhance the skills and success of its members and the stature of the employee assistance profession.

Employee Assistance Programs (
Get quotes from the nation's leading employee assistance programs.

Employee Assistance Society of North America (
The EASNA is an association focused on advancing knowledge, research and best practices toward achieving healthy and productive workplaces. Comprised of thought leaders and change agents, EASNA is focused on ensuring that the EA field continues to grow and flourish by broadening its based of engaged and committed stakeholders.

Employee Business Solutions (
As a part of our family of integrated services, Employee Business Solutions, Inc. offers Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) to company's employees and their family members. This cost-effective service helps your employees find solutions for a variety of adverse situations, which if left untreated, could adversely effect their job performance.

Federal Occupational Health (
The EAP provided by FOH is a comprehensive program that helps employees resolve personal problems that may adversely impact their work performance, conduct, health and well-being. FOH's EAP addresses problems in the quickest, least restrictive, and most convenient manner while minimizing cost and protecting client confidentiality.

FEI Behavioral Health (
FEI Behavioral Health's Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is customized to match your company's needs. Your FEI EAP will provide employees and their immediate family members with professional, user-friendly, 24 hour access to problem solving resources. Services are provided in-person, over the phone and through your company's FEI customized website.

Harris, Rothenberg International, LLC (
Harris, Rothenberg International (HRI) offers an array of comprehensive, integrated human resource programs and services designed to maximize organizational and employee performance. Founded in 1982, HRI is a pioneer and acknowledged leader in the field of HR strategy, leadership development, and employee productivity. We partner with clients of all sizes and all industries, from Fortune 100 companies to privately held businesses and nonprofit organizations.

Health Assured (
Health Assured offer ad hoc and fixed EAPs and occupational health services in tandem with company HR teams, including pre-commencement online questionnaires and online health screening questionnaires customised to a company's needs.

Human Development Company, Inc. (
EAP's that provide employee counseling, training, mediation, wellness and management consultation for intervention services to businesses and institutions both large and small.

Human Solutions (
Information about workplace problems - stress, bullying, conflict, drug and alcohol problems, loss and grief etc.

Interface EAP (
Interface EAP is a nationwide behavioral healthcare management company. Services include Employee Assistance Programs, Care Management Programs (including Utilization Review, ongoing Care Management, and a nationwide network of providers for behavioral health), along with its new Pharmacy Intervention Protocol (patent pending). Interface currently serves over 200 employers covering more than 200,000 lives nationwide.

Mazzitti & Sullivan EAP (
Mazzitti & Sullivan EAP Program provides a comprehensive network of solutions to provide the support to keep organizations and their employees engaged and productive.

MHN is a leading national healthcare company that provides comprehensive behavioral change services for the workplace. Beginning with our flagship Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) and extending through health and wellness services and managed behavioral healthcare, MHN's clinically-proven services drive positive behavior change, increasing productivity and boosting your organization's bottom line. Based in California with offices and call centers throughout the United States and abroad, MHN serves employers, health plans, unions and government agencies.

MINES & Associates (
The employee assistance services and EAP programs provided by MINES are designed to both assist employees and support the productivity and profitability of employers.

National EAP Directory (
One of the largest free on-line listings of EAP providers and services in the United States. EAP providers, services and counselors are welcomed to add their information to this comprehensive resource referenced by employers nationwide.

Office of Personnel Management (
Information on Federal EAP Programs

People Resources (
People Resources offers effective employee assistance programs that integrate the best available information, guidance and resources into effective solutions that address today's Work/Life challenges.

Professional Psychology Services (
We are an outpatient group in Philadelphia with satellite offices in the surrounding counties. We are part of many EAP companies and most of the Managed Care companies.

Reach EAP & Workplace Solutions (
Reach EAP & Workplace Solutions is a comprehensive Workplace Support System that offers a full range of services including: Employee Assistance Services, Dynamic Organizational Assistance, Expert Management Consultation, Management Development Seminars, Leadership Training, Employee Training Programs, Critical Incident and Crisis Management, Work/Life Services, and Workplace Wellness Program Development

Rehab Management - EAP & RTW specialists (
Rehab Mangement is a leading, Australian occupational rehabilitation provider, specialising in injury management, training and psychology services.

Stueker & Associates, Inc. (
SAI is an international Human Resources firm specializing providing Employee Assistance Programs and related services in the United States, United Kingdom, Mexico and Puerto Rico. SAI can help you make painless improvements in employee relations and performance.

Therapyline EAP (
TherapyLine EAP enables on demand therapy by licenced therapists at affordable rates for your employees that helps keep them - and your company - healthy.
Our EAP program Leverages technology to provide small businesses with big business benefit services that help improve employee performance and reduce absenteeism, leading to a happier more productive workplace.
As a technology first EAP company we are able to provide superior EAP services at a much lower cost without compromising quality in any way. Our therapists and other professionals are available via our mobile VOIP App 24 hours a day worldwide in multiple languages and since calls to our therapists and other professionals are made via VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) there are never any long distance charges.

TripleTrack, Solutions at work for job, home, and self (
Human Resource Outsourcing, EAP, Workforce Wellness and Business Solutions