Workplace Violence / Harassment / Bullying

BLR Workplace Violence Prevention Symposium (
The Latest Insights on How to Minimize Potential Threats and Legal Risks Orlando, Florida March 10-11, 2016 Register Now!

Alvarez Associates Violence Prevention Academy (
Alvarez Associates LLC is a full-service security risk management and training firm based out of Northern California that specializes in Workplace Violence Prevention, Management and Response. Our primary goal is to provide your organization with the resources, tools and training needed to address this complicated issue.

Canadian Initiative on Workplace Violence (
The official web site of the Canadian Initiative on Workplace Violence (CIWV) where we strive to help Canadian organizations "profit through prevention" in their efforts to curb workplace violence.

CARM® Workplace Violence Training (
By providing your people with CARM training, you are offering them an opportunity to develop skills and techniques that could save not only themselves in workplace situations, but also their friends and loved ones at the ball game, or shopping mall, or just waiting in line for gas.

Center for Aggression Management (

Crisis Prevention Institute (
CPI's Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® and Prepare Training® programs use proven methods to help manage disruptive and aggressive behavior and prevent workplace violence. The program offerings are flexible and can be tailored to meet the needs of any organization. Both types of workplace violence training will help reduce disruptive incidents, prevent workplace violence, lower risk of injury, improve workplace relations, and reduce exposure to liability.

D-Drive Survival Defense Crisis Consulting (
Our company provides training to companys in the areas of workplace violence awareness, active shooter survival, self-defense, threat assessment, and sitational awareness.

DuPont Sustainable Solutions (
DuPont Sustainable Solutions integrates collaborative consulting services, technologies and blended learning solutions that can help organizations transform their workplaces and work cultures to become safer, more efficient and environmentally sustainable.

eaposters - A Resource for Workplace Violence Prevention Posters (
Specializing in workplace wellness posters, EAP posters and workplace safety posters - including workplace violence prevention, addiction prevention, fitness promotion, disaster mitgation plan and emergency preparedness posters. 5 sizes, multiple languages, all original designs.

F&H Solutions Group (
F&H Solutions Group's Workplace Violence practice area includes prevention programs, consultation during and after critical events, crisis response and conflict management.

G. Neil Harassment Training Software and Posters (
Stop workplace bullying and harassment with these helpful sexual harassment training and reference materials. Keep harassment out of your workplace and your business out of court.

HR Learning Center - Workplace Violence Prevention Training Webinar (
This one-hour live workplace violence training audio conference webinar is helpful for both private as well as public employers.

HR Proactive Inc. (
Workplace Violence Prevention for Managers Training

Workplace Violence News ( brings together the resources employers need to develop the foundation for a comprehensive workplace violence prevention program. Their goal is to help you succeed in creating a safer workplace.

Workplaceviolence911 (
The site is a comprehensive source of information on workplace violence including articles, resource center, model policies, workplace violence prevention policymaker software and much more.

Workplace Violence Prevention Toolkit (
Business Management Daily's free Workplace Violence Prevention Toolkit contains prevention strategies, tips on identifying potentially violent workers, advice for managers on maintaining a safe workplace, two sample anti-violence policies adaptable for use in any company and checklists to use in case violence does erupt.

Workplace Violence Safety & Health Topics (
from OSHA

Workplace Violence Survey - SHRM (
SHRM Survey Findings on Workplace Violence published in February 2012

WorkRelationships (
Combined legal and psychological expertise to solve workplace conduct problems, including harassment/discriminaton prevention, workplace violence assessment and training, discipline and termination, and performance management.


Prevention of Workplace Violence (
Ten ideas from the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) for preventing violence against workers who have contact with the public