Unemployment Compensation

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An overview of the unemployment insurance program in the United States, including benefits paid and federal and state unemployment taxes. (
Unemployment benefits explained simply, including unemployment compensation benefits and eligibility requirements for US workers.

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Site dedicated to assisting career seekers and employees in education and awareness of basic employee rights

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F&H Solutions works hand and hand with our clients to provide sound compensation plans that are cost effective and properly award your employees. We design traditional and non-traditional compensation plans, which may include incentives such as commissions, profit sharing, and / or equity-based plans.

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Frequently Asked Questions about unemployment compensation.

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When employees voluntarily resign or are discharged for misconduct connected with their work, the employee may not be eligible for unemployment benefits. McKenzieHR consultants know how the unemployment compensation system works and will provide advice to clients on the best way to handle unemployment claims.

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Get control of your company's unemployment costs - Get Sentinel! Sentinel Software Solutions' groundbreaking new unemployment cost management application, Unemployment.NET, is designed to allow employers the flexibility and power to control their own Unemployment Insurance (UI) costs. In today's economy, UI costs are skyrocketing, costing employers tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars each year. Sentinel's Unemployment.NET provides you with the most advanced and powerful tools available to truly manage and control your UI costs.

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U.C. Consultants offers a comprehensive set of services all designed to lower your company's costs of unemployment insurance.

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from the United States Department of Labor

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Us4U was designed with one goal in mind - to provide employers a simple, cost effective, efficient software tool to manage their unemployment costs. All the knowledge, forms and tools are right at your PC. Employers, no matter what size, are now free to quickly control and monitor their unemployment claims, appeal unfavorable decisions, prepare for an unemployment hearing, audit charges, and generate reports in any manner and frequency they wish. Please join Us4U in this 21st century's revolution in electronic unemployment claims administration.

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Smart Solutions for UC Cost Control

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Dealing with Unemployment Insurance is a complex and intricate process, and the rules and regulations change often. With Unemployment Tracker, you can file and protest unemployment claims, appeal unfavorable decisions, prepare for an unemployment hearing, audit charges, generate reports and much more - all from one centralized system. And by reducing the time spent managing your UI, Unemployment Tracker saves you money every day.
Create and manage claims
Dashboard at a glance
Dynamic Reporting
Credits & Charges
Flexible Organizational structure
Custom Fields
Easy to use interface
Mobile friendly

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Watchdog Software allows employers to respond to state claims electronically, build a UI database, run savings and status reports, plus track and audit all state deductions automatically. It eliminates manual correspondence and provides employers with the ability to audit and track state charges providing both administrative and hard dollar savings.